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The Zhua (literally "Claw") is an Ancient Chinese staff weapon. It was the Mid-Range Weapon of Sun Tzu.


The Zhua consisted of a clawed iron hand on a 6-foot 18lb pole. Some Zhua had a counterweight at the bottom of the staff, which could also be used to bludgeon.


"This was designed to take away shields, and when that shield's out of the way, your face is next." Sun Tzu Expert.

The Zhua would have been primarily used for ripping and tearing at the enemy, though the sheer weight of the weapon could have also made it a useful bludgeoning tool. Sun Tzu experts also claimed that the Zhua was also effective at grabbing shields off of enemies and grabbing riders off horses.

In Show[]

It was tested against the Halberd. It proved to be a devastating weapon, tearing a human head apart, smashing the skull to pieces and causing depressed fractions, and taking the top of the skull clean off. However, the Halberd was given the edge due to the fact it had three striking points while the Zhua had one.