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The Whip Chain is a flexible weapon used in some Chinese martial arts, 5 feet of segmented steel capped with a sharp metal dart. It was the Special Weapon of the Shaolin Monk.


The nine-section whip chain, or jiujiebian, consists of nine metal rods linked together, attached to a short wooden handle. The last link is a sharpened metal dart, which was sometimes coated with poison.


  • Special Weapon
  • 4 feet
  • 1 lb
  • Forged steel sections


As a flexible weapon, the whip chain could be used strike, hook, and bind an opponent, restrict his/her movement, and deflect blows from other weapons. Its flexibility allowed it to bend around objects, such as an opponents block. However, like all flexible weapons, it took a great deal of practice to control. It was one of the hardest weapons to apply in combat, since it was controlled solely through the wooden handle.

A similar weapon called the Shen Bao (Rope Dart) was a similar chain or rope weapon with a dagger at the tip to be use to stab from a distance. It was difficult to use and required precision to be effective; but the unorthodox nature of the weapon made it difficult to counter it in combat. Most Rope Darts had a flag next to the dagger to both conceal it and make it easier to aim.


In the show the whip chain's flexibility, precision and speed was demonstrated as it destroyed five glass orbs in two strikes. But it was also theorized that the whip chain lacked lethality and killing potential.


  • During the testing, the side representing Shaolin Monks used a chain entirely made of steel. However, in the actual battle the Monk used the whip chain and the meteor hammer; a long rope with a metal ball at the end.