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The War Club is a bludgeoning weapon. It was the Special Weapon of the Apache.


The Apache War Club consists of a stone head covered in rawhide on a short wooden handle.

The Lakota made their own style of club known as the Inyankapemni Club. It is smaller to allow it to be used on horseback and relies more on its sharp edges than its weight.

The Comanche also used war clubs and would sometimes have a Garrote Wire or Rope attached to it to strangle opponents.


The War Club was used for bludgeoning, and is capable of crushing a human skull.

In Show[]

When tested against the Gladiator's helmet, however, the Club itself broke and no significant damage was caused to the victim, causing the Club to lose its possible Edge over the Gladiator's Sica. When tested in the sim, the War Club recieved 60 kills.


Length: 1 foot

Weight: 2 pounds

Composition: Stone, rawhide, and hardwood