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The vampire fangs are the primary killing tool of the Vampire at close range.


Unlike most interpretations of vampires that only had two fangs, the vampire envisioned by the panel of vampire experts had an entire mouthful of razor-sharp fangs, making it much easier for its bite to puncture the vessels in the neck to feed off of human blood. In addition, the vampire could unhinge its jaws to increase the size of its bite.

All this combined with the superhuman strength of its jaw muscles make the vampire fangs a lethal weapon.


The idea of vampires drinking blood might be based on how rotting corpses will expand and force blood and guts to escape the mouth while making the stomach look full. Early versions of the vampire had his fangs only slightly larger than a normal person's. Even if he showed them, they wouldn't instantly look irregular and might get away from the fact that he was a vampire by claiming that their teeth are naturally sharp. The traditional vampire fangs would sometimes kill or turn the victim into a vampire, like if it was toxic or had its own virus. Although commonly aimed for the neck due to the arteries, technically a vampire can bite anywhere else on the body but perfers to aim for areas where blood is flowing faster. Because of this, some vampires enjoy scaring their victims so their heart will pump faster. The vampire fangs have become sharper in the late 1900s as vampires have become more animal-like and superhuman. The idea of only two slow killing fangs has been replaced by a more sharped mouth. Their fangs are still visible and large but now all their teeth can bite through flesh with bite forces of an alligator. Also, because the bite is more larger, it will give the modern vampire more access to the blood of its victims with a large gashing opening unlike the traditional two puncture wounds.

In Show[]

In order to gauge the vampire's biting force, the Deadliest Warrior crew measured the bite of the strongest jaws in nature: an alligator. They then fed the numbers for the alligator's bite into the pneumatic jaw from the Zombie Bite test before swapping out the jaw's human teeth for a set of vampire fangs and modifying the jaw to be able to open wider than would be humanly possible to simulate the vampire unhinging his jaw to take a big bite.

When used on a ballistics gel zombie head, the vampire fangs were able to take a big piece out of the zombie's brain in just 2 bites, with an overall time of about 5 seconds.