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Alright guys, we need to fix this place up, and fast because this Wiki is disintegrating faster than someone being vaporized by an alien's death ray!

The articles are all different lengths, formats, and with more pictures or less pictures or some with even no pictures (Maori Warrior, I'm talking to you). I was wondering if we could agree on one format for a Warrior's page, one format for a Weapon's page, and clean up the rest.

I call it: Operation: Revamp!

Here we can try to discuss possible Warrior and Weapon Page criteria. A table similar to that of the |table displayed here would be optimal and we really need to make the pages similar...

I want a quote directly from the show on each page, to make it look "official". Check out the Medellin Cartel page to see a good quote. Also try the Musketeer's page for another good example.

So are you guys with me? Bring this Wiki back to its former glory in time for Season 3, so we can *cleanly* see


Other suggestions you have would be great! I can't do this alone guys! I need your help!

The Deadliest Warrior
Weapons weapon,weapon,weapon...
Origin Place of origin
Activities Activities
Service Service
Battle Status Won vs.. Lost vs..

({{WarriorInfo|[[File:image.jpg]]|[[weapon]],[[weapon]],[[weapon]]...|Place of origin|Activities|Service|Won vs.. Lost vs..}})