I think Deadliest Warrior should NOT showcase criminals as "warriors." The Medellin Cartel and the Somali Pirates are not "warriors." Al Capone was not a "warrior." Neither is any prison gang, criminal syndicate, or outlaw. Jesse James is an exception, being a former Confederate soldier. You could even make a case for the I.R.A. or the Taliban being warriors, since they fight (or fought) against other world militaries. Even the Nazi Waffen SS and the Viet Cong were warriors (no matter how much everyone hates them, they still are warriors.) This brings up a question -- Where do you draw the line between a warrior, then just a fighter, all the way to a criminal? The Vikings were raiders, so an argument could be made that THEY are not warriors. The 1700's Pirate is most definitely a criminal... That and the fact that Spike needs to be careful of the dramatizations they put on the show. They have showed: American soldiers being gunned down with ease by VC Operatives, Colombian police officers and Colombian civilians being mercilessly slaughtered by the Cartel, Somali Pirates beating the captain of a merchant ship with a grapple hook, and the Taliban shooting up US troops. There very well may be a Vietnam war vet. who's been permanently disabled by the F1 grenade or the POMZ Mine, and when he watches the "experts" of the show yelling "WHOO-HOO!!!! YEAH!!! THAT'S PURE VC FIGHTING POWER!!!" what's he going to think? Anyway, my main point is that I don't enjoy watching criminals being glorified on this show when they should all be locked up or dead for their crimes. What's next...... Jack the Ripper or Timothy McVeigh? Hell NO! They are not warriors!!! They are murderers! So I just hope that Spike knows they are toeing the line from warrior to criminal or murderer, and that maybe you guys see some reason in my words. Tell me if you agree or not... (sorry for the VEEERY long post... but I thought it was a point worth making).

(And I already know KevlarNinja and Leolab disagree with me, but nobody else reallypaid any attention to the post probably because it was so long, so I figured if I made it a blog more people would read it...... anyway, polite feedback please!)

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