Swg66 Swg66 28 September 2019

I have returned.

I've been long gone from this wiki. But I haven't forfotten it.

I've been dealing with personal illness and personal loss, but I haven't ever forgotten this site.

So for all my issies, I have returend and I won't let my standards wave.

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Swg66 Swg66 25 December 2011

Sourcing project

Okay this is just somthing I feel needs to be done for the good of the wiki. Alot of our information is unsourced and I feel we need to start stating our sources like other wiki's do. I have several books and documentarys I can sources and obviously we will site the show, but as it is we have very little of out page information cited. I want to put out the call for people to find reliable sources for the inforamtion we have on the pages, that way no one can say were just making it up, or we're unreliable.

I feel this needs to be done to help the wiki's credablity as an information source if nothing else. Like I said I have several sources I can put up, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I persoanlly plan on starting this somtime aro…

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Swg66 Swg66 14 December 2011

On the Armor

This blog is to get somthing off my chest about somthing the show does, and present my theory on why it's done, and that is the armor used on the show generally being poor representations of the armor actully used by the warrior it's given to. And with the lack of info on the Future of the Show this will give somthing new to discuss other than possible match ups.

There is one thing as to why I think some of the armor on the show is a poor representation of the armor actully used and that would be budget issues. I'm certain that the show, while making it's own weapons, buy's most of it's armor, The chain mail is the most common occurance with this, most of the mail shown in the show is butted mail (Ivan the terrible being the only one to get…

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Swg66 Swg66 13 September 2011

Swg66's Aftermath: Crazy Horse vs Pancho Villa

In this Aftermath I address what I think was done well and what wasn't in the episode Pancho Villa vs Crazy Horse.

Frankly I really can't find much that was really good in this episode, I felt this wasn't really a great episode, but there were parts I liked. My favorite tests were the close range weapons, the Inyankapemni results of the head shot was really cool to watch in slow-motion, and the the bolo knife was pretty cool to watch. But the best part of the test in my opinion was they let these guys go all out on the dummy, something they didn't let other experts do in past episodes. This in my opinion was a better way to test the weapons, where as in other episodes they let the experts hit the target once, where in real life a warrior wo…

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Swg66 Swg66 4 September 2011

Swg66's Aftermath: Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernán Cortés

In This Aftermath I will address what I feel what was portrayed well and what wasn't in Ivan the Terrible vs Hernan Cortes.

I'll start with what I really liked in this match, and that is they finally had proper mail armor for a warrior. They didn't come out and say it but on the up sloe inspection I could see the rivets in the armor. Granted the armor was pierced but all the situation are situations where mail can be pierced, on horse back the sword manged to do some light damge to it, naturally the gun went through and the Alabarda spike would punch through to at least some degree. The only point it was pierced when I don't think it would have was when the dummy was pulled of it's horse, but I'll attribute that to a lack of padding.

I love…

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