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Sorofin Sorofin 22 July 2010

Deadliest Competition 2 participants

Seeing as whilst we've been doing the first comp, people have been asking how to put in their own characters or telling me what characters they want to see in the next one.

So I have taken a week off the comp to get your ideas for the sequel in.


We at Deadliest Warrior wiki, reserve the right to remove characters from the competition based off our own strict standards which may include but is not be limited to

  1. Characters that have absolutely no offensive capibility will be removed.
  2. Characters that use any form of vulgar words to describe them or any of their attacks will be removed.
  3. Racist or Sexist characters will be removed.
  4. Characters that we feel are "Joke" characters will be removed.
  5. Characters that are Immortal or are Gods will be remo…
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Sorofin Sorofin 20 July 2010

Kratos Vs. Albert Wesker

Who is Deadliest?

This discussion is incredibly confusing both put up a good fight.

Discussion always wins the fight!

Don't go I've voted Kratos I'll vote him again without reading the discussion, read and think which side did better at explaining the facts and their characters strength.

E.g. I voted for Kratos but Albert Weskers followers did a good job describing.

I'm sorry should have started this earlier but I have placed this to stop fanboyism.

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Sorofin Sorofin 18 July 2010

Elite Hybrid vs. Tron

Who is Deadliest?

Most of you probably know you'll I'll vote for and most will probably know who Astrotorical will vote for but instead of telling you, I'll post a video that has no relevance:

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Sorofin Sorofin 16 July 2010

Legolas vs. Ryu

Who is Deadliest?

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Sorofin Sorofin 14 July 2010

Nathan Hale vs. Tomas 'Sev' Sevchenko

It's a shame none of you guessed :(


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