Sorofin Sorofin 11 October 2011

Kratos vs. Nathan Hale

Who is Deadliest?

Who will capture the other and go into the Finals?

Who will verse either the Elite Hybrid or Ezio?

You Decide!

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Sorofin Sorofin 9 July 2011

Predator vs. Ironman

Who is deadliest?

Just spent 9 and a half hours on a ferry returning home to England from Jersey. Then had to drive for 2 hours from Portsmouth to hometown, it now 3 hours after I arrived home (time now 10:35 GMT) and I'll be off to bed once I've finish this.

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Sorofin Sorofin 26 December 2010

Kratos vs. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Third Place Playoff.

The shame of defeat is bad but they can still earn respect by becoming 3rd.

Who is Deadliest?

This ended a while ago. People are still commenting, so I'm disabling comments. -LeoLab 16:58, December 26, 2010 (UTC)

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Sorofin Sorofin 23 August 2010

Nathan Hale vs. Master Chief

Who is Deadliest?

This is not a PS3 vs. Xbox 360 match! Any comments flaming the systems will be severly punished. It's just the characters, who is the deadliest?

Read through and decide:

Edit: I've ended the poll due to the fact that I've been told there have been session hijackings taking place.

I'm going to have to do the other thing and ask two other Admins the outcome.

Nathan Hale 2

Master Chief 1

EDIT: I blocked comments due to the post-comp arguing. -LeoLab

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Sorofin Sorofin 17 August 2010

Nathan Hale vs. Elite Hybrid

Who is Deadliest?

Well seeing as this is, surprisingly, a Resistance final I'm going to take Capelli off of Comp 2.

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