The link above is to my 'Deadliest Warrior Tier List', which determines who in DW is the best warrior. This Tier List can work for both ancient and modern warriors simultaneously. It's not 100% precise, so don't get salty if I'm off by a number or two.

The Tier List does occasionally contradict DW: but I think the Tier List is more accurate than actual DW episodes. For instance; Pirate vs Knight had the Knight use a crossbow, which should have given him a long range advantage. If the Knight maintained his range advantage, he should have won. So to even things out, I allowed the Pirate in my chart to use a musket.

The first Sheet contains the details of each tier and what the magnitude of each tier implies. Obviously a stone axe < bronze axe < steel axe.

The totals aren't for every scenario. For Spartan vs Samurai; 'Test 3' shows that if the Spartan can exploit the Samurai's gaps in his armor, and block the Samurai's Yumi, then he can win. Otherwise the Samurai's armor can block the Spartan's weapons and his Yumi has a massive range advantage.

The Pirate (with musket) matches the Knight; almost like what is seen in Pirates, Knights, Vikings II (best FTP game ever). This is assuming an equal chance of close combat and long distance combat. If we look at 'Test 4' however, where the Pirate is allowed to use his projectiles before the Knight can use his melee weapons, the Pirate has the advantage. Likewise, if we do the opposite (melee weapons only), then the Pirate becomes the weakest Ancient Warrior (since he wasn't designed to fight like an Ancient Warrior).

A more absurd example of these tests would be Al Capone vs William Wallace. Al wins projectiles (tommy gun beat raging Scotsman), Will wins melee (pocket knife vs THIS IS A KNIFE).

Try it out, make your own version, and give me comments. No salt please, I am aware my chart isn't perfect.

Also for fun, I included Marvel Comic's Punisher! Include whomever you want, even if they aren't from DW.

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