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When first visited this site it looked very interesting, but as the time passed and I read all the information about the weapons and warriors this site became a little boring and I thought that other may also get bored so I decided to create an account and the blogs about the things I wanted like about weapons etc. that why I have created this account to make this site more interesting I know I alone can't do much but aleast I am trying.

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Note- All the weapon 'My arsenal' contain weapons that this site have not I just want the people to know about these types of weapons.

Talwar[edit | edit source]

Talwar is a Indian sword used by many Indian warriors .It is a very common sword of Indian warriors.

[edit | edit source]

The talwar originated alongside other curved swords such as the Arab saif, the Persian shamshir, the Turkish Kilij and the Afghan pulwar,all such swords being originally derived from earlier curved swords developed in Turkic Central Asia. The use of talwar became more widespread under the Mughal Dynasty.The Mughal Emperor Akbar is known to have built large foundries producing the best quality sword blades.

Use[edit | edit source]

The talwar was used by both cavalry and infantry. The grip of the talwar is cramped and the prominent disc of the pommel presses into the wrist if attempts are made to use it to cut like a conventional sabre. These features of the talwar hilt result in the hand having a very secure and rather inflexible hold on the weapon, enforcing the use of variations on the very effective "draw cut". The fact that the talwar does not have the kind of radical curve of the shamshir indicates that it could be used for thrusting as well as cutting purposes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Talwar was the sharpest sword of south ever used and one of the sharpest in the world.(hear me katana fans sharpest sword in south Asia which also include japan ,no OFFENCE for fans)
  • Talwar was so common in India that now 'talwar' in Hindi means sword or saber.
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