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I've been a fan of Deadliest Warrior since the beginning. Despite losing more matches than I won (4-7 for Season 1, 7-6 for Season 2, and 4-6 for Season 3), I still enjoy watching all of episodes (except for one...). In my honest opinion, I thought Season 3 was nearly perfect. The only problem was that I kept losing...nah. No, but really, the matchups were more balanced, there were no more unbalanced special weapons (with the exception of Hannibal's War Elephant...what were you thinking?), and the new program allowed them to take the warriors into account and not just the weapons like in the past. I personally find myself annoyed whenever people speak with disdain towards Mack and/or Vampires Vs Zombies, but I won't go off on anyone about it or hold any grudges. I've come to accept people not liking Season 3 for flaws that I myself admit to overlooking and besides, who am I to judge someone for that alone? But Season 3 aside, I enjoyed the show, period, and it saddens me that it's gone. I'm hoping that it'll return some day, somehow, but how what could change? Would Mack return? Would Max Geiger be willing to come back? Would Season 3's program be back? And what about the matchups? Crossing my fingers for at least one more season to enjoy...

I don't want to brag (but it'll sound like it anyway), but there's two things about Season 3 that I probably won't be forgetting anytime soon. First, I remember after Season 2 was over, I thought to myself, "Hmm...what matchup would be cool for the next season? How about George Washington Vs Napoleon? Sounds pretty cool, but it probably won't happen." Then when the day came that it was announced, I freaked out. Then when I found out that it would be the first episode of Season 3, I freaked out even more. Second, early in the morning, the day after Joan of Arc Vs William the Conqueror aired, I quickly jumped onto Facebook and typed a question for the Aftermath. Then I watched the Aftermath for that episode, I was just having a good ol' time until I heard Kieron Elliot say, "Now we got a question from... (my first name and last initial)." Having him say my question and one of the main guys answer it made me feel like the happiest fan in the world.

So...yeah, lovely weather today, eh?

If you're wondering what the heck my name is supposed to be, it's the first initials of my two mains in Deadliest Warrior: the game, the ninja and the knight, and the initials of my two mains in its sequel, Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Sun Tzu and Joan of Arc.

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