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I have been watching Deadliest Warrior for a while now. My favourite Deadliest Warrior episodes are: Hannibal Barca vs Genghis Khan, Gurkhas vs French Foreign Legion and Vampires vs Zombies.

My favorite battles: Season 3

  • Hannibal Barca vs Genghis Khan
  • French Foreign Legion vs Gurkhas
  • Vampires vs Zombies
  • Pol Pot vs Saddam Hussein
  • Hernan Cortes vs Ivan the Terrible
  • North Korean Special Operations Forces vs US Army Rangers

My favorite battles: Season 2

  • Somali Pirates vs Medellin Cartel
  • SWAT vs GSG 9
  • Waffen SS vs Viet Cong
  • Zande Warrior vs Aztec Jaguar