Deadliest Warrior Wiki

I now have RollBack.

My Avitar contains five items any warrior would need.

1. MagLite. Useful for lighting dark places, and bashing in skulls if nothing else is avalible. I got this in August 2011 for a camping trip, very usefull to find your way through the woods to get to the outhouse.

2. Bayonet. Useful for thrusting and slashing. This one belonged to my Step-grandfather, and was used in WW2. (He was in the Pacific theater.) Inherited in 2006

3. Hatchet. Useful for cutting down trees, and hacking off limbs and heads. Got this for cutting trees in 2003 or so.

4. Claw Hammer. Useful for pounding in/removing nails or bashing in skulls. Used this to chop down trees before I got hatchet. Pre-2003.

5. Garden trowel. Useful for digging pits, for a wide number of uses, and can be use for bashing and stabbing. Got this in 2008 because I've been trying to grow a large blackberry and raspberry crop. Not easy.