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This is a collection of Deadliest Warrior trivia. Note that the information on this page is subject to change as more episodes are aired.

Top 10[]

Closest Match-Ups
Rank Winner Results Opponent
1 IRA 517-483 Taliban
2 Navy SEAL 518-482 Israeli Commando
3 Spetsnaz 519-481 Green Beret
4* Samurai 522-478 Viking
4* Somali Pirate 522-478 Medellin Cartel
5 Spartan 527-473 Samurai
6 Comanche 528-472 Mongol
7 Jesse James 544-456 Al Capone
8 CIA 550-450 KGB
9 Zande Warrior 552-448 Aztec Jaguar
10 SWAT 578-422 GSG-9

Most Lopsided-Match-Ups
Rank Winner Results Opponent
1 Spetsnaz 736-264 IRA
2 Shaolin Monk 692-308 Māori Warrior
3 Persian Immortal 689-311 Celt
4 Musketeer 674-326 Ming Warrior
5 Apache 667-333 Gladiator
6 Spartan 653-347 Ninja
7 Vlad the Impaler 652-348 Sun Tzu
8 Pirate 629-371 Knight
9 William Wallace 621-379 Shaka Zulu
10 Rajput Warrior 615-385 Roman Centurion

Weapons With the Most Kills
Rank Weapons User Kills Total Kills (%)
1 Twin Hooks Shaolin Monk 566 692 (81.8%)
2 Tommy Gun Mafia 499 586 (85.2%)
3 AK-74 Carbine Spetsnaz 472 736 (64.1%)
4 MAC-10 CIA 413 550 (75.1%)
5 Aspis Spartan 382 653 (58.5%)
6 Skorpion SMG 61 KGB 361 450 (80.2%)
7 Sten Yakuza 359 414 (86.7%)
8 M4 Colt Commando Navy SEAL 355 518 (68.5%)
9 Hunnic Composite Bow Attila the Hun 354 596 (59.4%)
10 Blunderbuss Pirate 352 629 (56%)

Warrior Match-Ups[]

  • Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great, Jesse James vs. Al Capone, the Spetsnaz vs IRA episodes are so far the only episodes in which warriors from the same continent have faced each other.
  • George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte is the first match between two named warriors who were alive at the same time as each other.


  • The Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior is the only ancient match-up in which neither warrior had a sword.
  • The Gladiator, Ninja, Pirate, William Wallace, Viet Cong, and Musketeer all had five weapons (the latter three if their respective combinations are regarded as separate weapons), but faced warriors who only had four.
  • The Ming Warrior is the only modern warrior whose deadliest weapon (in term of kills) was their explosive weapon. This also makes them the only modern warrior whose deadliest weapon was not a firearm.
  • With the exception of the IRA (vs. the Taliban) and the U.S. Army Rangers, any warrior to have gained an edge in the "Explosive Weapons" category lost their respective matchup (this applies to the IRA when they fought the Spetsnaz.).

Weapons Match-Ups[]

  • Every time a sling is used, it was pitted against a bow and arrow. In each case, the sling got significantly fewer kills than the bow (the three slings combining for only 13 kills to the combined 413 kills of the three bows). Also, each of the sling's users ended up losing their match.
  • Three warriors have won three out of four weapons tests: the Māori Warrior, SWAT, and Vlad the Impaler. Of these three, only the Māori lost.

Weapons Tests[]

  • The Tommy Gun test in the "Jesse James vs. Al Capone" episode is the first time in which a modern vehicle is used in a weapons test. Modern vehicles were later used in the "KGB vs. CIA" and "Somali Pirates vs. Medellin Cartel", although only the Somali Pirate's AK-47 test (from a boat) had the expert firing from the vehicle while it was in motion.


The Season 2 trailer of Deadliest Warrior showed some of the warriors, but their appearance in the trailer doesn't reflect to their appearance in the actual show.


Al Capone[]

Capone has a fatter actor and is using two Tommy Guns at once.

Aztec Jaguar[]

The Aztec doesn't wear a Jaguar helmet, replaced by a hat of feathers. The Aztec fights both the Roman Centurion and the Zande. The Maquahuitl is smaller and is used as a throwing weapon.


The Celt is using a different shield and has horns on his helmet.

Navy SEAL[]

The Navy SEAL was shown fighting a Nazi instead of an Israel Commando.

Nazi Waffen SS[]

The Nazi shown was wearing glasses and black cloathing and was fighting a Navy SEAL. Because Waffen SS had strict physical requirements, the Nazi shown was an ordinary soldier, not a Waffen SS. The Mauser C96 is replaced by a Luger.

Persian Immortal[]

The Persian has a veil and was wielding two axes.

Roman Centurion[]

The Centurion is wearing more plate armor. He was also fighting an Aztec.


Zande was respelled as Azande. The Zande was not wearing the hat he wears in the show. In the trailer, the Zande wears a necklace. The shield has a different design.