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A Tomahawk is a famous type of axe native to North America. It was the close-range weapon of the Apache.


The tomahawk had a stone or bone (and later, metal) head attached to a straight wooden shaft. The Apache would often decorate a tomahawk with silver, beads, and feathers and then give the tomahawk as a gift to a chief. The poll (or butt) of the tomahawk can feature a hammer, spike or may simply be rounded off.


  • Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Composition: Bone, stone, or iron blade


Tomahawks are primarily used as melee weapons, although they can also be thrown a short distance. The phrase 'bury the hatchet' is when two American Indian tribes bury two sacred tomahawks to declare peace after a war.

Some armies today use a modern lightweight tomahawk similarly to a combat knife. Some E-Tool shovels are wielded like tomahawks and some special forces like the spetsnaz train specifically to learn to throw them like tomahawks. Tomahawks can be used to chop wood, break doors, dig, and some models can hammer nails (by using their sides). Modern tomahawks have a back spike; although both sides can still be lethal, even if dulled.

In Show[]

The Apache team tested three different types of tomahawks. A tomahawk with a stone head and one made from a horse's jawbone were tested up close on a ballistic gel head. This makes the Tomahawk one of the few weapons that can be made out of at least 3 types of materials.

Several metal-headed tomahawks were tested as a throwing weapon. When tested in the sim, the Tomahawk recieved 153 kills.



  • The weapon was forged by the Algonquian tribes of Virginia.