Each Warrior has their own unique terrain that they have addapted to. In simulated battles, the two warriors have to use their own territory while crossing into the enemy's territory. Most territories shown in the simulation are similar but some are entirely different.

Pirate vs Knight

The Knight fights in a light forrest similar to the forrests of Europe while the Pirate fights on a beach with a rowboat on the shore and his pirate ship in the background.

IRA vs Taliban

This fight is in a junkyard in a dry valley.

Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great

Attila appears in a defeated village while Alexander appears uphill of a grassland.

Jesse James vs. Al Capone

Jesse James robs a wild west museum in Chicago. Capone's gang chases Jesse's through the building. It starts in a large western style room then changes into a 1930s hallway. The shootout continues into a 1930s office and ends in a wild west jail.

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