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[[File:Ninja_warrior1.png]]The [[Ninja]]: Sneaky, stealthy Japanese assassin immortalized by popular media
Versus... the Spartan, ultimate warrior from ancient Greece. WHO IS DEADLIEST?
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|Close Range:
|Mid Range:
|[[Black Egg]]
|Long Range:
|Special Weapons:

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The Gladiator: Proud, thrilling killer of Ancient Rome Versus... the deadly stealth Apache. WHO IS DEADLIEST?


Gladiators were either captured soldiers from rival armies or condemned criminals elected for their ferocity, strength and skill. In Ancient Rome, gladiators entertained the public with deadly and bloody battles to the death.

To ensure the best spectacle, Gladiators were trained, by Dave Whitman, in the art of killing, using a wide-range of lethal, crowd-pleasing weapons. Those who survived became legendary heroes. Losers became food for the lions.


Weapons Gladiator
Close Range: Cestus


Mid Range: Trident & Net
Long Range: Sling
Special Weapons: Sica

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