Quarter Final Round Two: Elite Hybrid won 66 votes - 42|Discussion: Elite Hybrid won

Quarter Final Round Three: Nathan Hale vs. Master Chief (Discuss)

Discussion is important in this stage and following stages so tell us why one would slaughter the other.

This round ends 8/9/2010 at 11:59pm UTC-6 (Central American Time) and the next bracket starts. Nathan Hale vs. Master Chief

Nathan Hale

Name Master Chief
Bullseye Mk. I Ranged Weapon MA5C Assault Rifle
Pure Chimeran Hands Melee Weapon Gravity Hammer
Reaper Carbines Special Weapon Spartan Laser
Resistance (Video Game Series) Media of Origin Halo (Video Game Series) Link
Who would win?

The poll was created at 08:02 on August 10, 2010, and so far 189 people voted.
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