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Scottish targe

The Targe was a round Scottish shield. It was one of the Special Weapons of William Wallace.


The Targe was generally round, about 18-21 inches in diameter with a foot-long iron spike in the middle. The shield was generally made from two layers of wood with the grain of each layer at a right angle to the other layer (much like modern Plywood), increasing the strength of the shield. The wood was usually covered in a layer of cowhide, which was often decorated. The targe screws into a "puddle" of lead in the middle of the shield, and could usually be unscrewed and placed in a sheath on the back of the targe when not in use.


As a weapon, the Targe could be used to impale enemies with the spike, either in hand-to-hand combat or as a charging attack. The Targe was often combined with the Dirk, as seen in the show.

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