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Sting grenade

The Sting Grenade, or the Stingball Grenade, is a non-lethal weapon. It was the Special Weapon of the GSG-9.


The Stingball grenade is similar in design to a fragmentation grenade; however, instead of a metal casing that produces shrapnel, it is made of two hard cases of rubber. The cases are filled with many small rubber balls.


The Stingball grenade is designed to incapacitate a number of hostiles without causing death or serious injury.

In Show[]

When placed against the SWAT's Taser Shockwave, the edge was given to the Shockwave because it had a wider range and hit all of its targets. The Sting Grenade did not make contact with all of its targets. Also, while the Shockwave only fired at targets in front of it, the rubber balls launched by the Sting Grenade went off in all directions, adding a risk of injuring allies in addition to enemies.