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The Staff is a long, bludgeoning weapon, tough Chinese hard wood that delivered punishing blows without breaking. It was one of the Mid-Range weapons of the Shaolin Monk.


The staff is made from a single piece of white wax wood, which has been prized in China for centuries since it is tough and flexible, and can absorb shock without breaking. It is usually around the same height as the user.


  • Mid Range
  • 5 feet
  • 1 lb
  • Wax wood


The Bo Staff was one of the oldest weapons used by the Chinese military. Before metallurgy was effective enough to arm the entire populace, the lower class soldiers would arm themselves with the staff. As metallurgy improved, the spear became more common. But even in recent history, the staff was a weapon that was common among peasants.

The staff was carried by the Shaolin monks whenever they left the monastery: making them designed for self defense without being as threatening as metal weapons like swords. It was used for bludgeoning, blocking, and keeping the opponent at a distance. Like many Shaolin weapons, it was not intended to be lethal.

Staffs were also frequently used by revolting peasants and Ninjas.

Similar stick weapons existed throughout the world. In England, they were called Quarterstaffs. In Ethiopia, the Surma/Suri tribes practiced Donga stick fighting.