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Spit of poison

Spit of Poison

The Spit of Poison is a distraction technique using poisonous herbs mixed with saliva. It was the Special Weapon of Shaka Zulu.


  • Special Weapon
  • Range: 4 feet
  • Saliva & Poison Herbs


The Zulu chewed a poisonous herb, mixing the toxins with their own saliva. The mixture was then spat into the eyes of the victims, blinding them. The herb was chewed outside of battle to allow the warrior to build a tolerance to it. The main drawbacks were the lack of lethality, and the short distance it could be fired.

An additional method used by Zulus to deliver poison was to dip ostrich feathers in it and then stab their opponents with them. This method was not employed in the simulation.

Similar poisons could be used as a projectile, as seen with some variations of the Ninja's Black Egg.

Liquid poison was occasionally used throughout warfare, although normally to poison a weapon to make it deadlier.