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The spear was a thrusting weapon used by Persian infantry. It was the Mid-range weapon of the Persian Immortal.


The Persian spear, known in Old Persian as "Aršti", was six-feet long, with a broad iron leaf-shaped spearhead similar to the Spartan's Dory spear. The spear also had a round counterweight on the opposite end from the spearhead for a balanced, easily wielded weapon. Historically the counterweight has been described in the shape of a silver or gold pomegranate or apple, to denote rank, and distinguish nobility from commoners (As the "Immortals" accepted both origins in separate divisions). A common soldier's spear was of the same design, although balanced by a far more modest bronze sphere.


The spear was the Immortals' primary weapon. The weapon was usually used one-handed in an overhand fashion, accompanied by a shield; although it could be used two-handed. The round counterbalance could also be used as a bludgeoning weapon, as demonstrated in the show. One of the key advantages of the spear was that Persian Immortals were trained on its use both as infantry and cavalry.

A longer variation of this spear was called the 'apple bearers' due to the counterweight on the spear. The Sparabara were experienced spearmen making up the front lines of the Achaemenian army.


During the test in show, the Persian spear accurately killed two human-shaped targets from the back of a scythed chariot. The first target was stabbed in the nape of the neck, piercing the carotid artery and the jugular vein and causing death by rapid bleedout. The second target was stabbed directly in the heart and dragged behind the chariot for several feet.


  • Callimachus was the polemarch at The Battle of Marathon. According to legend: Callimachus was impaled by so many Persian spears that his corpse was still upright.