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The Shoe Knife is a concealed weapon, a swift kick of death. It was the Close-Range weapon of the KGB.



A KGB agent with his shoe knife unsheathed

The Shoe Knife was simply a blade which extends from the toe of the wearer's shoe. In the simulation, it was shown being deployed by clicking the heels together.


  • 2 inch
  • 1.5 ounces
  • Steel
  • Retractable blade


Used in conjunction with martial arts training, the Shoe Knife could be very lethal, especially if it hit a major blood vessel. It also had an element of surprise, and could be used to cut things like rope, if the wearer should be tied up.

Hidden blades have been used by assassins throughout the history of mankind; from Japanese Ninjas to Indian Thugs. Flutes, canes, fans, hair pieces and chopsticks can hide or be shaped into blades.


This weapon was tested against the CIA's Garrote Wire. The shoe knife ripped through a pig carcass and could cause profuse bleeding if it hits an artery or vital organ. The force of a kick with the shoe knife was measured at 605 psi. It was implied that against a real person, the bloodletting would not have been as spectacular as it was on the pig carcass, as most of the bleeding would have been internal. The edge was given to the shoe knife since it was more flexible and less disadvantaged than the garrote.