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The Shark Tooth Club or the Leiomano is a weapon used by various Polynesian tribes, which harnessed the brute force of the ocean's top predator. It was the Special Weapon of the Māori Warrior.


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The club is shaped like the head of a spade with shark's teeth inset around the edges, with the tiger shark being the preferred donor. In some clubs, the handle has a marlin's bill set into it to serve as a dagger.

The one on the show is one of the largest Leimanos used in Polynesian warfare. Leimanos range in size, design and decorations, and most were between the size of a knife to the one on the show, which is larger than a person's skull.

Because of Polynesian wood-art, some clubs were decorative, as is the case today.

Sawtooth Swords also exist, although they are rarer as a wooden sword would be relatively frailer and lighter than an 'axe' design. The most noticeable examples were made by the Gilbertese Polynesians.


  • Special Weapon
  • 20 inches
  • 2 lbs
  • Wood, Cord & Sharks Teeth


The Shark Tooth Club is used for slicing and ripping, even as the teeth are broken off in the victim's body. The weapon functions as a bladed club, similar to the Aztec's Maquahuitl.