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Semtex is a general-purpose plastic explosive, developed to clear land mines and twice as powerful as TNT. It was the Explosive Weapon of the Israeli Commando.


Like other plastic explosives, semtex is highly malleable, allowing the user to form it into the desired shape. It stays malleable between -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C), and is waterproof. Semtex is generally red or orange in color (however, it appeared off-white in the show). It is also lightweight enough that if it was hidden inside an object like a cellphone or a laptop you wouldn't notice any difference in the object's weight when you lifted it.


  • Plastic explosive
  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Detonation Velocity: 18,790 mph


Semtex was developed in the late 1950's in Czechoslovakia. It quickly became popular with terrorist organizations because it was, until very recently, very difficult to detect.

Faite attention

In show[]

This weapon was tested against the Navy SEAL's C4. In the first round of testing, the C4 destroyed a boat along with the two targets that were on it while a Semtex-laced cellphone killed its target without harming four nearby bystanders. In the second round of testing, 1 lb of each explosive was detonated in two separate wooden outhouses with the C4 generating ~270 psi and the Semtex generating ~324psi. The edge was given to the Semtex for its greater explosive force.


  • Semtex was used as the payload in dead drop spike, which was the explosive weapon of the KGB in the CIA vs. KGB episode. It was also used in the IRA's improvised explosive device called the nail bomb. The IRA got supplies of Semtex from Gadaffi's Lybia and the Irish American Mob. Semtex was also briefly seen in the North Korean Special Operations Force vs US Army Rangers showing how the North Koreans run raids on South Korea.