Deadliest Warrior Wiki


Season 3 has shown significant changes from the previous two seasons.

Amount of Weapons[]

George Washington, Saddam and Pol Pot are the only warriors with 4 weapons. Zombies and Vampires are the only warriors with 2 weapons. All other warriors have 3 weapons each.


The armory that creates the ancient and melee weapons explains how it was made and used in history. A new armory aftermath show is released on the website.


The battle strategies of the warriors are given an X-factor stat by examining their most famous or effective strategy in history.


More than 100 different X-factors are factored into the simulation for each warrior. Each X-factor is given a score within 100 based on study and research on the warrior. For details check X-factors.

New Tests[]

  • Season three is the first season to test cannons.
  • It is the first season to test a living weapon (Hannibal's war elephant).
  • It is the first season to feature a "castle seize" scenario and tested siege engines on structures.
  • It is the first season that tested two listed weapons in the same test (Washington's muskets and rifles) and three listed weapons in the same test (Saddam and Pol Pot's pistols, grenades and light machine guns).

Stock Footage[]

Many episodes used stock footage from BBC specials about the same warriors [Hernán Cortés, Hannibal, Genghis Khan].

Ancient Warriors[]

All ancient warriors fight 5 on 5 like the modern gun fights. This could be because of crew served or oversized weapons [cannon, catapult, elephant] so its unknown if 1 on 1 fights will return.

New Hosts[]

Robert Daily replaces Max Geiger as the programmer. Former Navy SEAL Richard Mac Mackowicz joins as a new host and tactics expert.

Weapon Totals[]

The Gatling Gun and Vickers are the only weapons with confirmed kills.

Other Noticeable Differences[]

  • Most warriors of Season 3 are historical people.
  • The intros have opinions of the show's hosts before starting the actual episode and showing the experts. The experts of the warriors are shown less often.
  • It is the first season featuring a named female warrior (Joan of Arc).
  • It is the first season to feature a fictional matchup and fictional characters (Vampires vs Zombies).
  • Multiple different X-factors are integrated into the simulation. Each X factor stat is given a score with 100 being the highest.
  • The weapons are more thoroughly examined before declaring the edges.