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Twin Sai

The Sai is a traditional weapon of Okinawa. It was the Special Weapon of the Yakuza.


Traditional sai were dagger-shaped bludgeoning tools, although more lethal designs are more common in modern pop culture. The sai consists of a long blade with a prong on either side of the blade, much like a trident with a elongated center prong. The handle ends in a large metal knob called the knuckle, which is used for striking.


  • Special Weapon
  • 18 inches
  • 2 lbs
  • Wood handle, steel blade


Despite its traditional role as a defensive bludgeoning weapon, the sai is most often depicted as a more offensive weapon. It is used to stab with the central prong, while the outer forks can catch an opponents weapon. Very rarely are users depicted as striking with the knuckle, as was once common.