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The sablia was a type of saber used in Russia. It was the Close-Range weapon of Ivan the Terrible.


  • Blade Length: 32 inches
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs
  • Single-edged
  • Steel Blade


The sablia had a backward curving, single-edged blade, with an average length of about 32 inches (81 cm). It usually had a single-handed hilt.


The Sablia was primarily used for slashing,and was particularly effective from horseback. Sabers first appeared in Eastern Europe in the 6th Century and may have been descended from the swords carried by invading Mongols.

The Sablia was famously used throughout central and eastern Europe during the Renaissance, most noticeably by the Polish Winged Hussars.


The sablia was pitted against the Espada Ropera of Hernan Cortes. The two swords were first tested against a pig carcass for a hack, slash, and thrust. Both swords completely destroyed the pig with the three strikes. A second test pitted the swords against a dummy clad in the opposing warrior's armor from horseback. The sablia decapitated the dummy, while the espara ropera failed to achieve a kill strike, despite penetrating the armor. The edge was given to the sablia for it's better performance from horseback.