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The SR-25 is an American high capacity semi-automatic carbine/sniper rifle. It is the long-range weapon of the US Army Rangers.


  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Length: 39.5 in
  • Barrel Length: 24 in
  • Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
  • Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,571 ft/sec
  • Feed System: 10 or 20-round detachable box magazine.


The SR-25 was first introduced in the early 1990's, and was adopted by the US military and a number of America's allies. It has been used in both the War in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In show[]

This weapon was tested against the North Korean SOF PSL in eliminating six targets (3 static, 1 moving commander, 1 hidden, and 1 counter-sniper) during a simulated assault on a communications post. The SR-25 completed the test in 1m and 48s using only 12 out of 20 shots while the PSL completed the test in 2m and 7s. The edge was given to the SR-25 for its lighter recoil, faster completion time, and 20-round clip capacity.

The shot that took out the commander hit a link in the chain-link fence, which caused the bullet to tumble without any dropped velocity, causing more trauma and ripping the body in half. The commander has been taken out on the move, which means good shooting by the Americans, and the North Koreans don't know what to expect. This is an X-factor of psychological warfare that is plugged into the simulation. The counter-sniper was also killed with a round that went through his scope.