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[[Category:Hand Grenades]]
[[Category:Hand Grenade]]

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The RGD-5 grenade is a Soviet-made anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. It was the explosive weapon of the Spetsnaz.


Weight: 310 g

Length: 110 mm

Diameter: 58 mm

Filling: 110 g TNT

Detonation Mechanism: 3.2 to 4-second pyrotechnic delay fuze.

Casaulty Radius: about 15 meters

Fatality Radius: 3 meters


The RGD-5 was constructed in the Soviet Union, and dates back to the late 1950's. Though not as advanced as many other modern grenades, it is still widely used in many former Warsaw Pact nations at it is relatively inexpensive (costing around $5 US to manufacture) and highly effective.

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