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The Mk. 2 "Pineapple" Bomb is an American made fragmentation grenade. It was the Long-Range weapon of Al Capone's gang.


Pineapple grenade

You can see the obvious resemblance to the fruit that gives its name

Frag radius: 50 feet

Explosive material: 2 oz of TNT

Outer material: cast iron

Weight: 21 oz


The American Pineapple Grenade originated in the first modern shrapnel grenade: the English 1915 Mills Bomb. 34 million Mills Bombs were used in WWI. The Mills Bomb would be used as late as the 1980s: especially since it could be used as a Rifle Grenade for additional range.

Developed in 1918, the Mk. 2 became the standard hand grenade of the US military in 1920 and saw service into the 1960's.

Some Pineapple Grenades could be fired from a rifle; becoming a Grenade Launcher. The grenade would be inserted into a cup shaped attachment. Then the explosive force of a blank round would propel it about 60 meters. These attachments are available for most modern assault rifle designs, but use customized rounds rather than the traditional grenade.


  • Meat grease and fat (especially from bacon) can be converted into glycerin that can be used for explosives. In WWII, the US Army implemented a propaganda campaign aimed at asking American citizens to stockpile and donate their grease to 'Official Fat Collecting Stations' (which included meat dealers and butcher shops). Disney even made a propoganda short called Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line explaining the importance of fat donation.