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Phantom Army (Arabic: الجيش الوهمية) was a tactic used by Lawrence of Arabia.


This tactic involved a unit sabotaging railroad routes with explosives to divert enemy battalions to a different position to launch an attack on the true objective. 


Lawrence applied this tactic at the Battle of Aqaba. Lawrence used several raids on the train routes north of the position to trick the Turkish army into thinking he was going to attack Damascus. The Turks took the bait by launching a pursuit against the Bedouin raiders which left only a battalion to defend Aqaba and allowed Lawrence to take the strategic port city after a successful attack.

On The Show[]

The Phantom Army tactic was pitted against the Suppress and Slaughter tactic of Theodore Roosevelt for the X-Factor of Battlefield Tactics. The edge was given to Lawrence for his ability to deceive and outmaneuver the enemy.