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The POMZ-2 is a Russian-made, stake-mounted, anti-personnel fragmentation mine. Combined with the F1 Grenade, it makes a savage surprise. It was the Explosive weapon of the Viet Cong.


The POMZ-2 consists of a grenade-like explosive mounted on a wooden stake. The mine was connected to a trip wire that set it off when someone trod across it.


  • Frag radius: 50 yards
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • TNT: 2.5 oz
  • Casing: Cast Iron
  • Diameter: 60 mm (2.4 inches)
  • Height of Case: 130 mm (5.2 inches)
  • Height of Stake: ~300 mm (12 inches), but easily varied
  • Fuze: MUV series tripwire (2 to 5 kg pull)


The POMZ-2 was used in the jungles of Vietnam to kill passing enemies. In the dense undergrowth, the tripwire would be nearly impossible to see. In the event that the mine was discovered, the Viet Cong often rigged the POMZ-2 to an F1 Grenade, so that if the POMZ was disarmed and pulled from the ground, it would detonate the grenade.

The Viet Cong used almost any form of explosives against the South Vietnamese and the American troops. Common disguises and camouflaged traps included bags of rice, tin cans, other weapons and major roads. The VC knew that many of their resources and items would be confiscated, so they would put mines in their food and ammo left behind before a retreat. The large amount of traps created psychological warfare that made enemy troops paranoid of the environment.