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The Norman broadsword is a straight-bladed sword from medieval Europe. The Close-Range weapon of William the Conqueror, this 36 inch long blade killer brought England to it's knees.


The Norman broadsword had a straight, double-edged blade with a single fuller. The single-handed hilt had a cross guard and a "Brazil-nut" shaped pommel.


  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Blade length: 30"
  • Double-edged blade


The Norman broadsword was primarily used for cutting and slashing, though it could also be used for thrusting. It was similar to the longswords used by the Vikings, whom the Normans were descended from.


The Norman broadsword was pitted against the French Arming sword of Joan of Arc. The two experts were clad in ther respective warriors armor and sent through an obstacle course containing 3 moving targets and two pig carcasses, one clad in the opposing warriors armor. The Joan expert was able to get 4 instant kills and 1 mortal wound in 35 seconds as well as penetrating William's chainmail armor. The William expert was able to get 5 instant kills in 21 seconds, but failed to penetrate Joan's plate armor (he did however score a kill by striking an unarmored area). The edge was given to the Norman broadsword for it's better performance and killing potential.