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The Mere (pronounced mehreh) or Patu was a traditional hand weapon of New Zealand, found only on the South Island. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Māori Warrior.


The Mere was a flat club about 12 inches in length and made from greenstone (jade). The weapon narrowed at one end to form a handle, and had a rounded, sharpened top.


  • Short range
  • 1 foot
  • 2 lbs
  • Nephrite jade


In combat, the mere was more commonly used for thrusting and stabbing, although as seen in the show, it was highly effective for delivering axe-like blows, being more than able to pulverize a cow's skull in one blow. The mere was a symbol of chieftainship and was passed down as a valuable heirloom. Traditionally, individual mere were named, and were said to possess a mana of their own. It was one of the most common weapons used by the Maori. The durability of the jade also allowed a warrior to pass on the club to his decedents.


  • The Kotiate or Whale-Bone Club is a similar melee weapon used by the Maori. Like the Mere it is wedged like an axehead and is used in religious ceremony. The word 'Patu' refers to any Maori club and can be made out of stone, iron or wood as well as the aforementioned jade and bone. Whale Bone and Jade were by far the more valuable materials to make the clubs and so are more significant culturally and sometimes were symbols of nobility.