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The Mechanical Landmine was an early explosive device of Ancient China; a underground network of bombs topped with a weapons treasure trove to attract enemies. It was the Explosive Weapon of the Ming Warrior.


The Mechanical landmine consisted of a bowl filled with slow-burning incadescent material, which was attached to a number of bamboo tubes filled with black powder which led to powder-filled clay pots. The composition of the material allowed it to burn continuously for twenty to thirty days.


  • Multiple detonations
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Wood, porcelain, and gunpowder

How it Worked[]

The Landmine was often triggered by setting a weapon's cache as bait. A number of spears were planted into the ground where the enemy was sure to find them. When the weapons were pulled upwards, it disturbed the bowl, which in turn ignited the fuses and set off the weapon. The type of bait could be varied to match the intended victim. The mechanism to set off the mine could also be triggered by means of a tripwire across the path or an ambusher hiding & pulling the wire when enemies get near the trap.

One of the most noticeable designs is the Divine Ground Damaging Explosive Ambush Device (Di Sha Shen Ji Pao Shi - Mai Fu Shen Ji) It consisted of 8 webs in a 3x3 grid; with each web consisting of 9 explosives (also in a 3x3 grid) with a total of 25 explosives.


The Mechanical Landmine was used in the same manner as any landmine: it was buried in the ground where the enemy would likely set it off, killing them without anyone having to engage in combat. The large amount of explosives was designed to kill multiple targets at once.


  • Other users of landmines have also boobytrapped them with goods and prizes. The Viet-Cong armed food, weapons and their own bases so American soldiers set them off while investigating.
  • Ninja had similar mines called the Umebi. Since mines could be used to assassinate, distract, and didn't require human input to activate it: the Ninja were able to use it as one of their many traps.
    • Ninja also used Hyaku Raiju: a string of firecrackers that would make a chain explosion.