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The Makraka is a long, sickle-shaped knife of Central Africa. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Zande Warrior.


The Makraka had a sickle-shaped blade that widens near the tip, with the cutting edge on the concave side of the blade. The handle is wooden covered in hide to increase the grip.


The Makraka was often used in executions, as demonstrated on the show. It could also serve as a secondary weapon in combat.

The curved blade can go around shields to attack the man behind.

The Shotel was a similar long sword used by Ethiopians. It showed to be effective even as recently as the First Italo-Ethiopian War (15 December 1894 – 23 October 1896). Emperor Menelik II managed to modernize over half of his army with rifles (primarily Mosin-Nagant and Berdan rifles imported from his ally Russia), but still had large numbers of swordsmen and spearman. The swordsmen used the Shotel effectively however: Ethiopians outnumbered the Italians significantly in every battle and so would first weaken the Italians with rifle fire before overwhelming them with a massive Human Wave Attack.