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A Kusarigama

The Kusarigama was a composite weapon of feudal Japan. It was the Special Weapon of the Ninja.


The Kusarigama consisted of a kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) attached to a long metal chain (manriki) with a heavy iron weight (Fundo) or a Chakram (Shoge) at the end. Unlike the kama, the kusarigama's intended purpose as a weapon is obvious, so it could not be carried openly.


  • Mid Range
  • 14 feet
  • 4 lbs
  • Steel blade, Ball & Chain


The kusarigama was used to bludgeon opponents with the weighted end (Fundo), or entangle them with the chain, allowing the user to rush forward and finish the opponent off with the sickle end. The long length of the chain (10 feet or more) allowed the user to keep opponents at a distance, which made it useful when facing more heavily armored opponents, like a Samurai.

The Koyketsu-Shoge is an identical weapon except that the scythe (Kama) is replaced with a bilhook (Koyketsu). The Shoge ring could be used instead of the Fundo weight. The Shoge was sharp and designed to cut from a distance. However this weapon was specifically used as a Grappling Hook for climbing trees and walls; both ends of the weapon can hook onto branches or roofs, and the Shoge ring can slide onto branches.

Many fictionalized depictions of the kusarigama show the sickle end being swung around by the chain, although in all likelihood, the sickle would bounce off of its target without inflicting much, if any, damage.


The two weapons that make up the Kusari-Gama (the Kama scythe and the Kusari-fundoChain club) were used seperatley by ninjas as well.