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The Kopis was the short range weapon of Alexander the Great


Weapon Description[]

The kopis is a forward curved shortsword with a curved handle. The blade would typically be used with one hand and was normally around 18.5 inches. But Kopis have been found at around 25 inches. The blade would normally be deeply curved and made of bronze or iron. The handle was sometimes made of bone and typically curved around the hand to prevent the loss of the sword


The Kopis was used by the Greeks, Macedonians, and Etruscans. The curved blade enabled the Kopis to be an effective hacking, cutting, and slashing weapon. The Kopis could also be used to stab, or break through shields, spears, and may penetrate armor. They were frequently used alongside an Aspis shield and in the armed foremations to cut foes when they got too close for the Xyston or Dory to be effective

Usage in the Show[]

The Kopis was tested against the Sword of Mars. On foot it managed to get a kill. But on horseback the kopis sliced through a head but made a nonlethal blow on another target. Because of this, the Sword of Mars got the advantrage. Alexander used it to duel Atilla


-The Kopis inspired the Falcata and the Kukri two other bladed weapons used by other combatants

-The Romans were inspired somewhat by the Kopis

-Alexander's army would also use the Xiphos