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"I think this is the first sword that can rival the Katana" -Geoff


The Kilij was a curved Turkish sword. It was the Close-Range weapon of Vlad the Impaler.


The Kilij had a deeply curved, single edged blade with a flaring tip called a yelman. It has a cruciform (cross-shaped) guard, with a curving hilt that ends with a downturned pommel.


The Kilij was primarily a slashing weapon, as its great curvature made it difficult to thrust the weapon. The yelman added weight to the tip, giving it greater momentum when swung. Used by the Ottoman Turks, it was (ironically) adopted by Vlad the Impaler, who was the last line of defense between the Turks and Western Europe. The tip is very sharp for stabbing, though because of its design it has to stab diagonally. This creates a fighting style that can go around shields and can be harder to block from swinging stabs. It can be use as a great decapitater.

In Show[]

It was tested against the Jian. It proved capable of slicing a pig in half with one swing (Its cutting power prompting Geoff Desmoulin to call it the first sword to rival the katana). While the Jian was a superior thrusting weapon, the Kilij was given the edge due to the greater amount of damage it could do.