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The Katar was the Special Weapon of the Rajput Warrior.




The Katar or Katara is distinctive for its H-shaped handle, which places the blade directly over the wearer's knuckles. This makes it a very effective punching weapon.


The Katar is used for punching stabs to opponents, and is effective due to its speed and penetrating power. The sides of the H-shaped handle could also be used to block. It was designed to be able to pierce the armor used in Asia. The Rajput sometimes used two katar simultaneously, wielding them in both hands.

The Katar had many variants, one notable one being the Jamadhar Katar, or "scissor katar", which was shown in the show. This variant had blades that would fan out, which would be used to surprise or disarm opponents. Later models of Katar would sometimes include two single-shot pistols in the hilt.

In Show[]

In the episode the katar was tested on a pig carcass. The Rajput team stabbed and slashed the carcass multiple times, producing 200 pounds of force from the punches. The katar succeeded in disemboweling the carcass and breaking through the ribs.

On a second pig carcuss they placed the Roman chainmail to see if the katar could get through the armor. The armor proved little protection against the katar. Doctor Armand Dorian said "It was like a T-Shirt for that weapon."


  • The Katar is on the official Insignia of the modern Rajput Regiment, a special forces of the Indian army.
  • Basic Katar sparing (slowed 50%) [1]