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The Jian is the traditional Chinese straight sword. It was the Close-Range weapon of Sun Tzu and is one of the close range weapons of Shaolin Monk in Deadliest Warrior: The Game.


In Chinese folklore, the Jian is often called the "Gentleman of All Weapons", since it would have been mostly used by commanders and required a good deal of expertise to be used effectively. It was able to both slash and thrust, making it a versatile weapon. According to legend, it was so sharp it could slice through water without getting wet. The Jian and the Dao are the two most famous swords of ancient China.

In Show[]

It was tested against the Kilij. While the experts claimed it could cut it pig in half, it later proved to be incapable of doing so, and was much weaker in slashing compared to the Kilij. It did however prove to be a far superior thrusting weapon, going through the pig's soft tissue like nothing. Despite this the Kilij was given the edge for the greater amount of damage it could cause.