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The jambiya (also spelled jambia and janbia) is an Arabic dagger. It was the Close-Range weapon of Lawrence of Arabia.


The jambiya is distinctive for its deeply curved, double-edged blade. The handle is often made of horn or wood, and the materials, design, and details of the hilt are often indicative of its value and its owner's social status. The blade was curved outward so it would not fall out of the user's scabbard.


  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (bigger then yours)
  • Total Length: 15.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 9 inches


The jambiya is primarily used for slashing and cutting, but can also be used for stabbing. Although it is more status symbol than weapon today, it is still used in times of dispute. However, societal norms dictate that it should only be drawn from its sheath in extreme cases of conflict. It is also commonly used in traditional events such as dances.


The Jambiya was pitted against the Bowie Hunter of Theodore Roosevelt. The two teams were to kill two targets with their knife. The bowie hunter killed one of the targets with an impact velocity of 42 mph while the jambiya killed both with an impact velocity of 51 mph. The edge was given to the jambiya due to it's larger blade.