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Israeli Commando
Israeli 4
Weapons KA-BAR Knife, Glock 19, Micro Galil, Semtex
Origin State of Israel
Activities Defending Israel, counter-terrorism
Service 1957-Present
Battle Status Lost vs. Navy SEAL
Experts Moti Horenstein (Israeli Special Forces Instructor)
Mike Kanarek (Israeli Special Forces Veteran)

"We are the best in the world at everything we do. We always finish first and get out of it alive."
- Moti Horenstein, Israeli Commando expert.

Israeli Commandos, Israel's top-secret assassins who fend off terrorists dedicated to destroying the Jewish nation;

vs. the U.S. Navy SEALs, America's amphibious special force, trained to neutralize any enemy, anytime, anywhere, at any time.


  • Est. - 1957
  • Force Size - Classified
  • Height - 5' 10"
  • Weight - 180 lbs


Israelites and Israeli Jews are an ethnic group in the Middle East that has experience in warfare due to the strategic location of Israel being between Africa, Asia and Europe and the Israelites were targeted for being Jewish.

Ever since the country of Israel was founded by the United Nations in 29 November 1947, the nation has been at war with its Arab neighbors due to various reasons, including: anti-Semitism, unsanctioned assassinations in neighboring countries, strong alliances with nations who formerly colonized the Middle East, possession of nuclear weapons, threatening war with nearby nations, etc. Such things have caused Israel to be one of the most controversial nations in the world, and so the country developed a highly advanced army with the support of key western nations. Israeli Commandos, also known as Sayeret (Hebrew for "reconnaissance unit") are soldiers specializing in special forces roles in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). All combat brigades in the IDG have a unit with improved weaponry and training for reconnaissance and special forces missions. These units known as Palsars (a contraction of the Hebrew for "reconnaissance company") mostly originated as battlefield support, but have increasingly been used in special operations during recent years.

The Polish People's Republic send a second wave of Jewish immigrants to Israel when the Soviet Puppet persecuted the Jews. Similar acts of Jewish repression occurred throughout Eastern Europe during the second half of the 20th century. Today; almost half of all Polish Jews live in Israel.

Israel has also been accused of ignoring the '2 state solution' with the Palestinians; illegally invading or occupying Palestinian land, repressing the Palestinians and preventing them from achieving official statehood recognition. Palestine is a United Nations General Assembly Observer State, but struggles to receive true UN statehood due to vetos from the USA (who is a Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.)

The city of Jerusalem is claimed to be the capital of both Israel and Palestine. While both governments share control over the city and the international community does not recognize either states' claims; Israel is considered to have more authority in the city (although Palestine claims this is due to Israel illegally occupying the city). In 2018 the USA declared that they would move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem effective May of that year. [1] In response, the Israeli government began expanding its political authority over Jeruselum. On March 7, 2018: Israel passed a law that allowed it to remove residency documentation of any Palestinian declared to be a threat to Israel. [2]


Israeli Commando


Close Range:

KA-BAR Combat Knife

Mid Range:

Glock 19

Long Range:

Micro Galil

Explosive Weapons:


Martial Arts:

Krav Maga

Krav Maga was also demonstrated by the Commandos team, though it was not stated how what effect (if any) it had on the simulation.

Simulated battle[]

RedRedRedRedRed Navy SEALs

BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue Israeli Commandos

The battle begins with the Navy SEALs coming up to a power plant occupied by the Isreali Commandos. One of the Navy SEALs spots an Israeli Commando patrolling on a walkway above him and shoots him with his M4 Colt Commando. Bluedead The single SEAL regroups with his squad and infiltrates the facility through a tower into the basement while the rest of the Commandos fire at them from the balcony.

Inside the basement, the SEALs break off into a 2-man unit and a 3-man unit, while a 3-man unit of Commandos heads into the basement. As the two Navy SEALs make their way through the underbelly of the building, two Israeli Commandos set up an explosive trap with a glob of Semtex stuck to it and attach it to a string, which is attached to a doorknob. The two Navy SEALs come up to the door from the other side. One jiggles the door knob to ensure that it's unlocked, and the two open the door to charge in. The door pulls on the string and sets off the Semtex, instantly killing one of the Navy SEALs and throwing the other to the floor. Reddead He struggles to get up, but the other Israeli Commando seizes the opportunity and finishes him with his Micro Galil before he can get back up. Reddead

Up above, the 3-man SEAL group emerges from a doorway. An Israeli Commando makes his way down a flight of stairs trying to aim his Micro Galil from the sights, but a SEAL who already has a bead on him shoots and kills him with his M4 Colt Commando. The Commando tumbles down the stairs as he is shot. Bluedead The three other Commandos burst from a doorway and engage the Navy SEALs, burst-firing their Micro Galils and hitting the SEAL who falls over. The other two grab him and pull him away to safety while trying to ward off the Israeli Commandos off with gunfire. Under cover, the other two SEALs check their friend for signs of life, but the SEAL is already gone. Reddead The two remaining Navy SEALs enter another building, while the Israeli Commandos regroup and follow them through the door.

Both squads emerge in different locations as the SEALs come up a flight of stairs near a turbine, while the Commandos weave their way through various machines. The Israeli Commando leader stops and signals both of his men to move forward, while on the other side, the Navy SEALs come to an open area. The SEAL leader signals for his friend to stop. He kneels down behind the turbine as the leader runs into the open area. The Commando leader comes up on the SEAL leader and tries to shoot him, but his Micro Galils jams and is rendered useless. The NAVY Seal leader runs across the open area, drawing and exchanging fire with the other two Commandos. The SEAL behind the turbine pops out and shoots a Commando in the head with his Colt Commando. Bluedead The Israeli Commando next to him sees him die, but shrugs it off. The leader runs down a flight of stairs, drawing the attention of the Commando. The Navy SEAL races towards him, but is surprise-attacked by the lead Israeli Commando. The Commando throws him against the turbine, and blocks the SEAL's attempt to fight back and then pulls out his Ka-Bar Knife. He slashes the SEAL's throat and stabs it into his chest. The SEAL hangs on to the Commando leader as he slumps to the floor, and the Commando pats him on the head. Reddead

The two Israeli Commandos regroup then proceed to run after the last Navy SEAL, who has retreated back into the basement. Downstairs, the Navy SEAL pulls out a C4 charge and slaps it behind a set of pipes. He quickly sets up the detonator and then hides in the back and waits for the Israeli Commandos. They soon arrive and slowly moves about, searching for the Navy SEAL. The Navy SEAL then gets an idea and pulls out his Sig Sauer P226. The two Israeli Commandos hear a gunshot and try to find its source, unaware that the Navy SEAL is trying to lure them towards the C4. The Israeli Commandos pass through the pipes, and the Navy SEAL activates the C4, blowing it up and sending both the Israeli Commandos and the SEAL to the floor. The Navy SEAL quickly gets up and points his Sig Sauer P226 at the two Israeli Commandos, waiting for one of them to make their move. However, it is soon apparent that both soldiers were killed by the C4 blast. BluedeadBluedead He raises his gun up and yells in victory.


  • Daniel Lewin, the first victim of the September 11, 2001 attacks, served as an Israel commando captain in his youth after his family moved to Israel.
  • The word 'Zealot' comes from a Jewish religious sect that resisted Roman influence when Israel was part of the Roman Empire.
  • Israeli Commandoes are shown in the Somali Pirate/Medellin Cartel episode. The Sicarios hired retired Commandos to teach them how to use guns and fight.
  • The USA currently donates $3 billion a year in military aid to Israel.
  • Although women are not allowed in the Commandos (as many terrorists are too sexist to surrender to women), Israel is one of the few nations with female conscription - lasting almost 2 years of service for women.
  • The Mossad are considered to be the CIA of Israel. They assassinated many scientists and former Nazis, including those innocent of doing any crimes. They allegedly hired Waffen SS Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny, the former Nazi general, as an assassin. Otto agreed primarily because he feared that the Mossad would assassinate him if he refused the offer; as Otto was well aware of Mossad's reputation for assassinating former Nazis.
  • Albert Einstein was offered the Israeli presidency. He declined, disliking the idea of being a politician and remained a scientist.
  • In Ancient and Medieval history; Jews were tolerated and sometimes treated with equal or fair rights in the Middle East. Europeans however isolated Jews by forcing them into specific ghettos where they were not allowed to move out of. Crusaders frequently raided Jewish populations, even within Europe itself. Pope Urban II denounced these Jewish massacres, yet the Crusaders ignored his plead.
  • The reason why Jews have the stereotype of being 'greedy' was actually created by business practices created by Christians. Christians (before modern times) were forbidden to lend money, make investments with interest, or make loans with other Christians. However there was nothing to forbid such business practices with Jews, and so many Jews gained wealth through investments and loans. At the same time; loan sharks are universally despised, and since many of these people were Jewish it became assumed that Jews were naturally 'greedy' compared to Christians. However it was common for Christian states to declare debts to Jews as void, so it was more common for Christians to steal from Jews even in peacetime. It was unlikely for Jews to find other jobs within Europe since Europeans historically persecuted Jews and thus restricted them from basic jobs other than investments.
    • Other conspiracies include the idea that Israel is influencing American politics so that Israel is able to commit crimes without international retaliation. However it's clear that Western powers have always had imperial interests within the Middle East and that occupying the Holy Lands would be the best way to maintain that dominance. Since Israel is so dependent on the USA for financial and military support; it's more realistic to conclude that while the two nations closely cooperate, the USA is the dominant of the two powers.
  • American Jews sent private financial aid to their counterparts in Israel, even before the 1900s.
  • Any soldier entering the IDF must vow to 'never let Masada fall again'. This is in reference to The Siege of Masada (73 AD). The defeat of these Jewish rebels allowed the Roman Empire to brutally repress Israelis in an attempt to erase the idea of a Jewish state from reemerging again.

  • It is heavily debated that what branch of the Israel military are actually in this episode. The show just names them "commandos" without actually having name what unit they actually where. Fans of the show, as well as military historians, conclude that the Israeli Commandos depicted in the show are the Shayetet 13 [3].