Impalement is a form of execution that involves the victim to be impaled in the crotch by a stake made from a log or tree. The victim would hang on top of the stake and would slowly die from blood loss and internal organ damage. The point of the stake was intentionally smooth, round, or dull so that the stake pushes away organs that it contacts instead of piercing them; this kept the victim alive in order to prolong their suffering.

Vlad III, AKA Vlad the Impaler, was well known for Impaling anyone from prisoners of war to petty thieves and became so popular for the practice that he has the title 'the impaler' or 'tepes'.

Attila the Hun performed mass impalement on the armies he defeated. The Zulu of Africa would use Impalement, or Ukujoja, on soldiers who fail in battle, cowards, and accused witches. Ivan's Oprichnik soldiers commonly used implament. Napoleon's army infamously impaled Suleiman al-Halabi for assassinating his general Jean-Baptiste Kléber. Even the Viet Cong have been known to kill people by Impalement, sometimes as an execution.

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