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The Ild is a single-edged slashing sword. It was the Special Weapon of the Mongol.


  • 36 in long
  • 3.5 lbs

The Ild had a curved, single-edged blade with a hilt designed for single-handed use. The degree of curvature varied greatly, from almost straight to nearly three-quarters of a circle.

The Turko-Mongol Saber was a longer variation of the Ild.

According to the episode: the Ild was adopted or influenced by Persian swordsmanship.


The ild was primarily a slashing weapon, with only slightly curved versions able to be used for thrusting. While effective from foot, its real value came from its use on horseback. With the spread of the Mongol empire, similar swords began appearing across Asia and Eastern Europe, including the Chinese dao, Persian shamsir, Russian Sablia, Indian talwar, Turkish kilij, European sabres, and naval cutlasses. It was very similar to the Chinese Pian Dao.