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Hit and Run is a battfield tactic used by the Crazy Horse.


Hit and Run is a classic tactic where a unit hits their enemies and runs out of their enemies' sight, sabotaging their enemies lines of communication, and using the terrain to their advantage. 


Crazy Horse applied this tactic during the Battle of the Rosebud when General Crook attempted to array his cavalry in a single line on the high ground which Crazy Horse anticipated and responded to with hit and run raids. Due to a communications breakdown and inability to hit the attacking Sioux/Cheyenne raiders, Crazy Horse launched a frontal attack while Crook's forces were reloading and managed to outflank and overrun them and as the US cavalry were trying to shoot the Lakota they were accidently shooting at themselves, forcing General Crook to withdraw and resulting in the annihilation of Custer's 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn.

On The Show[]

Crazy Horse's Hit and Run tactic was pitted against Pancho Villa's El Golpe Terrifico for the X-Factor of Battfield Tactics. The edge was given to Crazy Horse for his tactical abilities in using the terrain to his advantage, outmaneuvering the enemy, and using their numbers and inability to coordinate and resupply against them.