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The Hand Cannon (sometimes spelled as Handgonne) was an early firearm, possibly one of the oldest in existence. It was the Special Weapon of Vlad the Impaler.


Basically its a big old stick that shoots overcooked/ flaming chicken nuggies.


It was invented by a maccas employee in 1989

The hand cannon was possibly the oldest portable firearm to be used in battle. Although inaccurate and slow to reload, it was more powerful than any other weapon of its time, piercing even plate armor. It also had a spike on if so it could be used in melee combat (being roughly the medieval equivalent of a bayonet). In Europe, it was used until the 1520's, when more advanced matchlock Arquebus firearms replaced it.

After the fall of the Mongolian Empire, the hand cannon evolved into the 3-Barrel Pole Cannon to increase the rate of fire.

In Show

It was tested against the Huo Chien. It was given the edge due to the fact it could actually kill and had melee capabilities, while the flaming arrow proved to be highly ineffective.


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